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[Comments] (3) Flying Elephants: Maggie is very concerned about getting her Elefun game home. "My blue elephant won't fit on the airplane," she said. "Yes it will. We'll put it in a suitcase in the airplane's tummy." "I will hold it on my lap."

Again, today, she detailed her plan. "Daddy will help me fold up the trunk. I will put the trunk off and put all the butterflies away. We'll put it in the suitcase. Then we can play it with Hannah and James. I will tell [ask] James what he got for Christmas, and Hannah too."

Also today she asked, "When is Colette coming on an airplane to India?"

Speaking of flying elephants, Maggie drew the cutest picture the other day. I drew a circus scene for her to fill in. I left a space in the roof of one of the train cars. I pointed it out to her and asked "what do you think goes in this car with a hole in the roof?" She drew 6 or 7 elephants. The one in the car with the hole was Dumbo's mommy. Her trunk went out of the hole in the roof, around the circus grounds, and back to wrap around Dumbo in the next car over and over again. "She's snuggling him," she said.

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Posted by Mom at Tue Jan 18 2011 07:48

I can't draw as good as she does. I really miss her and her cute antics.

Posted by Erin at Wed Jan 19 2011 10:34

Reminds me of a story. Logan wanted to take his Elefun to Grandma and Grandpas one day. I loaded it up in the back of our truck that we had at the time. We were living out in West Valley at the time so we're driving on I 215 just about to Redwood Road when I notice in the rearview mirror the box had come open and butterflies were flying out of the truck and flowing behind us as we went. We tried to make our own butterflies after that but it was never the same :(

Posted by Susie at Thu Jan 20 2011 03:09

Sad! I won't tell Maggie that story. ;)

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