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[Comments] (3) This and That: We found a library. It is right down the street. They have books and toys to lend. We had to pay a registration fee, a deposit, and an upfront payment for 6 months of membership. If we get our deposit back, it will only be $50 for 6 months. Not bad. We can have 2 toys and 2 books at a time. It's so close, we could walk down every day and grab something new to read.

We had an impromptu video chat with Grandma this morning. She commented on how well Dalton is walking (by which I assume she mean, running, climbing, jumping and tumbling). He has worn out the only paid of shoes that fits so I bought him the smallest, least hideous pair I could find. They are red and blue foam sandals with Mickey Mouse on them and they are too big.

Tonight we're leaving on a three night, two day, overnight train adventure to Hampi. I admit, I am a little nervous about getting settled on the train. But we bought a package deal with a driver and an English-speaking guide, and I am SO excited to see the ruins, the temples, ride on a coracle boat, and do a bit of "trekking" (that's what the Eastern Hemisphere calls hiking).

Earlier this week, the kids and I went down to Commercial Street to find a fabric store Kerri told me about. I bought some embroidery supplies. I've discovered that I can't read or stitch with my new glasses (maybe I need bifocals?), but putting my old ones on, I doodled a little embroidery design and I'm learning some stitches. Feels good to create something other than chocolate pancakes and cereal box crafts.

Speaking of creating: homemade marshmallows with homemade corn syrup - do I dare?


Posted by Rachel at Fri Jan 21 2011 04:47

I was nervous about the trains, too, but it was fine! You guys will have fun!

Posted by Leonard at Fri Jan 21 2011 08:05

Yes, dare!

Posted by Susie at Sun Jan 23 2011 20:01

We did have a very good time, though we are thoroughly exhausted.

And yes: I'm going to dare! I gotta buy a lot of non-Indian sugar, first.

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