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[Comments] (1) The way things are: I think the bug that crawled into Handy Manny's singin' dancin' toolbox got what it deserved. Also: Maggie is playing with a pile of flour on the counter and Dalton is eating raw okra.

[Comments] (1) Through Orange-Colored Glasses: Maggie and I buy a fuzzy drink - orange Fanta - at the store, and open it in the car.

Hmm. This reminds me of The Ranch. Grandma and Grandpa always gave us orange soda and Mug rootbeer.
Man, we were spoiled grandkids.
Remember when being given soda was all it took to be spoiled?
I guess it still is at our house.

I lean over in the car and give Maggie another drink of orange Fanta. Time to make a new memory.

Pondy Top 10: Just a few notes from our trip to Pondicherry.

1. Dalton was afraid of the temple elephant. He hid his face and whimpered like a poor thing. No more elephant blessings for him.
2. Some of the complaints we read about the hotel we stayed in were that it wasn't very Indian. John said about that, "India's right there. I don't need to stay in India."
3. Silly road signs we didn't get pictures of included "Don't Encourage Children for Driving" and "Don't Over Speed". We also saw many trucks that said "We Two Ours One" on the back. One even said "We Two! Our's One!" with a close quotation mark at the end.
4. Rooftop pool = awesome. The view, the warm water, Maggie being willing to swim and play, and able to stand on her own.
5. The food was surprisingly good. I wasn't expecting much after the hotel in Hampi, but the lunch and dinner buffets were definitely edible.
6. Everyone thinks Dalton's name is Dawsom. I am getting better and pronouncing it with an Indian accent so people can understand it. There is a brand of noodles (like Top Ramen) called Maggi here, so no one has trouble with that.
7. I must be very desperate for craft supplies. Maggie and I gathered a cup of seashells to bring back. It's already paid off: she spent half an hour playing with them while I made dinner.
8. Speaking of craft supplies, the Hand Made Paper Factory was delicious! Everything was amazing and so cheap. We bought some of everything and I can't wait to play with it.
9. Dalton signed Thank You twice, even though I haven't shown him that sign in weeks.
10. If the Bay of Bengal didn't have such a fierce undertow, I'd have gladly swam in it. The water was warm and the sand was perfect and the kids were having a great time. This trip was what a beach resort town vacation should be.

Thanks, John, for a great Valentine's Weekend! Pictures of Pondicherry are up. Pictures of the drive and our paper factory haul coming soon.

Grandma June Round-Up: I looked through my blog for some memories of Grandma June to share. Wish I had more. Actually, there are more, I just can't find them.

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Maybe I Should Rethink Dinner: The Dino Nuggets I bought have a Veg symbol on them and the french fries have oven instructions. In Fahrenheit. Imported french fries? How much did I pay for that?

Mornings at Home: John calls just minutes after leaving for work. There's a huge, dead dragonfly in the stairwell and we should go check it out. After the cleaning lady finishes, we put our shoes on and head down the stairs. The kids are both impressed with the dragonfly. Since we're most of the way down, we go outside and walk around the building twice. The second time, we stop in one of the gardens and pick smooth stones out of the "grass" and throw them back into the planters.

This morning when I started this blog Maggie was practicing writing the letter W and Dalton was coloring with colored pencils in his booster seat.

I love being able to say "sure!" when Maggie comes up with some crazy thing she wants to make. And tickling, and singing silly songs.

More here.


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