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Pretzel Perfection: If you had a cook, what would you want to eat? I still have to plan food and, usually, buy the groceries. I'm just saved the labor. Also, I have to carefully watch what she's doing and be very specific. Case in point: pretzels.

Today we made pretzels for the 5th or 6th time. And they turned out great! The main problem, we discovered last time, was that Kannagi had used baking powder instead of baking soda. Here they say "cooking soda", so she figured it was referring to the baking one. Oops, and yuck. Other problems now resolved: leaving the pretzels in the soda water longer and rolling the dough thinner. Her pretzels are now better than mine.

Other things a cook is useful for: pomegranate seeds, making pumpkin puree... oh, and cleaning up.

[Comments] (1) : Maggie and I made homemade rocks today. She is begging me to open the container of sand we brought up from the playground so she can make a pogo stick with it.

Excuse me, you just open the dirt for me? Cause I will put it in a cup and put water in it and stir it with a spoon. I will wuse this spoon to stir it. Let it tsy for a little minute to make a medium pogo stick. How you think of that you make a pogo stick, Mommy? Please open it? I need a wil bit cause I will put water and stir it and let it tsy for a minute.

Today at Church:
Dalton folded his arms for the prayers.
The kids behaved themselves, with the help of the 5 single brothers who sit behind us, and a lot of goldfish crackers.
Maggie gave an inaudible prayer in Primary.
I wore a sari, petticoat and all.
I got dressed. I was unsuccessful at putting the sari on myself at home.
I played the piano in Primary.
John played the piano in Sacrament Meeting, but actually did not teach or give a lesson this week!
Dalton started pinching his own cheeks.

Seeing Things: "Can you see a thing?" This is what Maggie says when it's dark. It's adorable. Our car windows are heavily tinted, so it's very difficult to see anything when we are in a car park. Yesterday I gave her toilet paper rolls and some red, orange, and yellow crepe paper to make a pretend fire with. She stuffed the orange paper in two toilet paper rolls and set them on my and John's nightstands. "Look mom, I gave you a fire so you can see a thing!"

Update: It appears that "I can't see a thing" is said in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

We picked John up from work and ate at Sunny's in Indiranagar. It was awesome. There weren't many other customers, and they had a baby seat that kept Dalton in one place. Our food was really good and the dessert was actually worth getting. Plus, it was great to spend time together. While waiting for the driver, we went into The Body Shop next door. Yum. We'll go there instead of to the spa next time we need pampering.

[Comments] (1) : Maggie was in the bathtub just now when the power went out.
I went to her (in the pitch black) saying, "it's ok, I'm right here."
"Mom, don't open it."
"Open what?"
"Don't open the bathtub lid [drain] yet. I'm not done."

She loves to play "snuggle in the dark" which is a lot like snuggling. With the lights off. I think it's a subtle way of saying "I want to sleep in your bed tonight" but it hasn't worked yet.

Today I took her on a swimming play date. The play friends were babies the same age as Kyli. Maggie took over the floating seat and walked around the kiddie section wearing it. The water was cold, but felt good and it was nice to hang out with people.

We left Dalton at home asleep. While we were gone Kannagi made two batches of pretzels, chapati, roti, chicken biryani, and made rice and prepped vegetables for me to cook this weekend. She also cleaned the kitchen and entertained Dalton. Amazing.

Auntie Susie: Yesterday during one of our walks around the building, a group of boys rode by on their bikes. One of them called "Hi Dalton! Hi Auntie! Hi Maggie!" Not surprisingly, this is common among neighbors (plus I don't think I'd ever met the boy, that he just met the kids at the playground). But it still made me very happy.

: 50 rupees ($1.10) for a Liahona subscription. I finally caved and got one. Maggie really likes to do the activities from the Friend in there.

Metamorphosis : Another nature adventure around our apartment building. We were taking a walk one morning and John noticed a weird looking bug in the street. As we examined it, we realized it was a caterpillar (or, I guess, a butterfly or moth) trying to get out of its cocoon. Maggie watched it for probably 15 minutes, and it also attracted the attention of all the other kids outside playing. The little guy didn't make much progress while we watched, but we made sure he was safely out of the street and Maggie made him a pile of leafy greens to have when he got out.

Transcontinental and Timbukto: I have lived in more countries than states. (Dalton and John also, but Maggie is tied). I have actually lived on more continents than states.

Not only that, born and raised in Southern California, my two siblings and I now live 3,000 to 10,000 miles away from our birthplace, and each on a different continent. Thank goodness for video chat!


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