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[No comments] Surreal: While eating lunch at a cheap French cafe at a fancy mall on Saturday, we saw a family with two teenage daughters, presumably on vacation. I was thinking of that feeling when you're on a really cool vacation. Is this really happening? How cool is this! How cool am I! Unless your vacation is longer than a couple weeks, that feeling stays the entire time. And even then, sometimes it floats over you again.

That surreal feeling has come and gone several times for us during our time in India. We've been here four months, which is as long as I lived in Romania. Once when John and I were talking about it, I wondered about the actual definition of the word "surreal." "Sur" in French means "upon", so my definition of a surreal feeling is as if there were another layer on top of reality.

Underlying our regular life is the fact that we live in India. We're so adjusted that sometimes we forget. Then when I remember, that surrealism settles down over me.

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