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[No comments] I Yelled in the Grocery Store Today: Here's the basic problem: Indians like to get in line, then go and do their shopping.

I waited 5 minutes in one line, which had an unattended shopping cart in it. The guy in front of me and I scooted past it as the line moved up. When the lady came and tried to shove her way back in, I ignored her, until I realized the checker wasn't even there. So I went and got in a different line. The people in front of me were clearly waiting for someone else to come back with something. Irregardless, they started unloading their cart. Apparently they were waiting for two people to come, and then paying three different ways, and arguing about who was paying for what. So annoyed. When it was nearly my turn, another person showed up, with the same group. He tried to sneak around to the cashier after I wouldn't let him past and I started yelling at him.

No! You are cutting in line. I have been waiting. If you're not ready DON'T get in line.

The cashier, who obviously didn't like all those people cutting either, told him no and started ringing me up. I was so mad and a bit embarrassed that I was shaking.

When I left, the guy was three people behind me in line. Hah.

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