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[Comments] (3) [Trackback URL for this entry] Picture It: John took the camera on his trip with Shaun, and I am feeling a little naked without it. But I can't wait to see pictures from Goa and Hampi.

Anyway, here is Dalton this morning: He's hiding in the curtain wearing Buzz & Woody jammies and Mickey Mouse sunglasses and holding a Lightning McQueen frisbee.

He's starting insisting on sleeping with cars. The first time I said, "No! I don't want you to get into that habit." Then I remembered that Maggie used to insist on, not only 5 Piglets, but three books, one of which had to be Goodnight Moon. And if the book fell down behind the bed in the night, we'd have to crawl under and get it out. So I let Dalton have his cars. He plays quietly before falling asleep and after waking up. Yay.

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Picture It


Posted by auntie rachel at Fri Jun 10 2011 03:16


Posted by John at Fri Jun 10 2011 04:41

Cutie bugs.

Posted by Mom at Fri Jun 10 2011 11:30

I can picture it.

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