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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] Bookworm Jr.: Today the kids and I went to a nearby bookstore and spent an hour browsing around. They had tons of fun kid books. Most Indian books are moral stories. There are also a few series on "fairy tales" or stories of the gods. Then there's retellings of Disney movies and things Americans would call fairy tales (Hansel and Gretel et al). Everything else is pretty much nonfiction. Indian kids must really like kid encyclopedias and dictionaries.

This store had a section on board books, and some Dr. Seuss, and some workbook. There was a giant book on birds that I really wanted to get Maggie. It was cool, and had a big kingfisher on the cover, but we don't need a giant book. We picked out a tame moral story and a nonfiction book about dinosaurs. The dinosaur book is actually really good - and entirely accurate (as of 2011). It doesn't even say "used to be known as Brontosaurus". Of course, it's an Usborne book, sold for 3.99lbs elsewhere. The moral story, Granny's Sari, was only $.50, but I thought we should collect some Indian books to bring home, and this one was pretty unique without being a cartoon about a god.

I also bought a Barbie in a sari. Hopefully hers is easier to put on than mine.

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