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[Comments] (3) [Trackback URL for this entry] Back from Bangkok: John has written an in-depth travelogue (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, return trip), if you're interested. Here are just a few of my thoughts on our awesome trip to Thailand, as well as a few cute things from the kids. You can see pictures here.

Maggie learning Indian English: I want to look out the window only! and I want to eat pizza only.
Maggie: That pool shape like a chrysalis.
Maggie: Look! The carpet goes all the way to the edge!
Maggie: A cloud! I'm not going!

Dalton, constantly: Bearbay! (Airplane)

Thai food in Thailand is better than Indian food in India. But still wasn't great.

John picks great hotels. The location was awesome - right next to all the malls, including the Siam Paragon which had a food court with 100 restaurants (seriously). We also took turns going out after the kids went to bed and checking out the night market and other shops.

The first day we went to an aquarium. It was really expensive - $100 for the three of us. But it included popcorn, a drink, a souvenir each, and the fish spa! They had a play place right next to the fish spa which was brilliant. We also go to feed sharks, but the sharks were not interested in the shrimp we were handing out. Instead the fish fought like crazy over them. They had penguins, giant spider crabs, sea otters, baby hammerhead sharks and more.

On the day of our tour to Ayutthaya, we went on a river cruise, saw huge turtles, and water monitors, animal-shaped topiaries, and rode on an elephant (because we can't do that in India). They also had an elephant show that was outstanding. The elephants hula-hooped, danced and more.

The next day we went to a safari park and marine park. It wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be, but was even better. You drive your car through the safari park to look at animals. You know, like a safari. We had booked a tour, but were the only people on it. So we had a driver, and an English-speaking guide to ourselves. The park had so many animals. There were dozens of zebras and giraffes, lions, tigers, bears, some rhinos, camels and more. After the safari we went into the marine park and saw some shows. Sea lions, dolphins, elephants painting and tight-rope walking, and orangutans. The orangutans do a "boxing" show, and I thought it was going to be like a cock fight. Luckily it was more for fun, but I wouldn't have called it fun. The trainers hit the orangutans and there were a lot of potty jokes. I did feel better when the orangutans hit (or kicked) the trainers back. We also saw walruses, polar bears, really a lot of crocodiles, huge fish, lots of birds, including a forest of free-range macaws, and smaller birds that you can feed from your hand. They also had tiger cubs that you could feed a bottle of milk to for $12.50. We went to look at them later, unattended and unlocked in their little zoo train cages. Best of all, we got to feed the giraffes! For $1.50 you can buy a bucket of sweet potatoes and bananas and feed them. That was my favorite thing in Bangkok - an unforgettable experience.

You just can't do things like leave tiger cages unlocked or let people feed giraffes with pointy sticks in the States.

We weren't even inside the Kolkatta airport when I heard Maggie scream. An Indian woman tried to pinch her. I sure didn't miss that in Bangkok. The kids (especially Dalton) got just as much or more attention, but Thais have a little more respect for space.

PS: You might notice in the pictures that we are still using our baby sling. Dalton can walk just as far or farther than Maggie, and he is getting heavy, but I like to carry him to keep him from getting too crazy, or if it's dirty or crowded. He even fell asleep in it a couple times on this trip. Seriously, I love my pouch sling. It folds up so tiny, I can wear it without him in it, or shove it in a backpack. It makes airport security easier. Actually, it makes just about everything about airports easier. I can handle more luggage when I've got him hands-free on my hip, rather than chasing him around. If you have a baby, you need one of these.

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Posted by John at Tue Aug 02 2011 18:25

We can only assume they were using potty humor; the shows were all in Thai.

Posted by Susie at Tue Aug 02 2011 21:06

You're right for the most part, but I think pulling the monkey's pants down is universal potty humor.

Posted by anonymous at Fri Aug 05 2011 19:43

Good report. Thanks!

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