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[Comments] (3) "Trick or Lettuce!" and Other Fun: The only vegetable Dalton will eat is okra.

19 books read in August.

I heard screaming this afternoon. Dalton. Real crying, so I went to see what Maggie had done to him. He was stuck in the hiking carrier. I got him out, and realized he was holding all of his stuffed animals. Maggie was packing hers into the bag attached to the carrier. Apparently they were taking a trip!

"Mommy, do you think Heavenly Father can fix Grandma June?" Out of nowhere, in the car. By the time I was done explaining, she was telling me about the latest dinosaur place.

Faceplant: Dalton occupied himself a good while by rolling a metal can around the house. Then the can slipped out from under him and he landed on the tile floor.

I got a good snuggle out of it, though!

You Know a Dinosaur Called...: I've convinced Maggie that a dinosaur with a toe claw on its head, actually has a head claw. I think the day is off to a good start.

[Comments] (1) Going Somewhere?: Dalton walked around this morning in Daddy's slippers waving, "Die! Die!" Then he picked up the monster bag full of puzzles and slung it over his arm. "Die!"

"Where are you going?" John asked.

"Airplane." Of course.

[Comments] (2) I Want to Be in Number 7: Leonard introduced me to a site called The Kid Should See This. Every day they post a video or two that is beyond the kiddie show scope, but not beyond the not-underestimated kid. We have really enjoyed watching most of the videos shared there. If you have kids, check it out.

Today we watched Louis Armstrong sing "When the Saints Go Marching In." Maggie wasn't terribly interested in the video, but she was very curious what the number was. "What number?" she kept asking. She also remembered that this song is played on one of the Meet the Sight Word DVDs.

[Comments] (2) Unlikely But True: During her visit, Jodi and I had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: If you'd asked me ten years ago where I would be when I turned 30, I think "on a houseboat in the Keralan backwaters in South India" would have been the third to last thing I would have said.
Jodi: "Third to last"?
Susie: I think Antarctica is less likely. Surely there's something else.

[Comments] (2) Turning 30 - My Unbucket List: I've accomplished a lot in my just-about-30 years. So rather than lament my age, or even make grandiose plans for the next decade, I've decided to celebrate 30 of my many accomplishments over the last 30 years. Some of them aren't anything special, but 30 is a big number!

Earned a B.S. in Recreational Therapy.
Gave birth to two wonderful children.
Lived in 3 different countries on 3 different continents.
Performed (singing, piano, organ, and flute) in front of hundreds of people.
Taught myself how to sew, crochet, embroider, and cook.
Found and married my perfect match.
Read thousands of books.
Mounted the uneven bars.
Sang back-up to Reba McEntire.
Been to the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, South China Sea, Laccadive Sea, Black Sea, English Channel, and Gulf of Alaska.
Been to Canada, Mexico, England, France, The Netherlands, Romania, Denmark, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and (at 30 + 2 weeks) UAE.
Been to California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Idaho, Illinois, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Virginia, D.C., Alaska and New York.
Swam in the Great Salt Lake.
Attended General Conference in the Tabernacle and the Conference Center.
Type over 90 WPM.
Ridden a horse bareback.
Taught games to teenage gangsters.
Made covenants in the House of the Lord.
Dissected a human body.
Lived in a Californian vineyard, eating warm grapes from the vines.
Devoted my time exclusively to serving others (though not nearly for long enough).
Had 56 roommates.
Become a writer.
Swam in an irrigated field.
Ran a 5K.
Made some really awesome homemade toys.
Taught piano.
Hiked hundreds of miles.
Sewn wearable clothes.
Made my babies smile.

Kerala: Just a few funny signs from our trip to Kerala, as John pretty much covered everything else.

Doormatery (I can only assume this is a 'dormitory')
Pee Pee's Lubricants
Furnichure Store
A billboard advertising a TV showed a giraffe leaning out of the TV toward the kids on the couch, sticking out it's pink tongue.
An "Olive Garden Restaurant" logo with the "Olive" edited out.

[Comments] (2) The Kiddos: Dalton had his first calimari in Kerala. He loved it and gobbled up the rest of the plate.

Maggie likes to make up new dinosaurs and describe them to us. Some of them include "Dinosaurasaurus", "Whatasaurus" and, my favorite, "Pteranodon Rex." She's quite a clever girl.

Dalton, somewhere, has learned the number 4 and started pointing it out everywhere. Meanwhile, Maggie has learned to add. I introduced the concept a while ago using some activities from the summer program I bought, and now she's got the concept down and loves to practice. She asks me addition questions all the time.

And that's how you get things done around here: Over two months ago I blogged that the electrician had taken one of our light fixtures and never brought it back. When the other two fixtures in our front room also died, John emailed HR to take care of it since calling the landlord's driver or maintenance doesn't do any good and we're not supposed to call the landlord. And what do you know? They brought it back today.


Tension-Free Shifting: I spent a couple hours on Sunday afternoon doing a dry run (messy run) of packing our stuff to go home. If we get two big boxes to use as checked baggage, I think we can take it all with us. Most of the clothes we brought are staying here. Our kids have basically nothing that fits and is appropriate for November weather in Utah. We are looking forward to some fun shopping trips when we get home.

I also did some scrapbooking. I've finished all the pictures of our trips that I've printed (haven't printed Kerala yet) and I just have a few more pages of Bangalore pics left. It is entirely possible that I will go home with up-to-date, completed scrapbook pages. And now that I said that, I think I've challenged myself.

7 days until Dubai! Maggie and John have been making a new countdown sign each morning to hang on the door. I hope our kids don't get wanderlust when we move home and they realize we don't normally travel every three weeks. Especially since John will be doing a lot of travelling after we get home.

Maggiesaurus: Maggie was naming off the types of dinosaurs that came from some (imaginary) eggs, and I thought I'd write down all the dinosaurs she can identify. She had fun making the list with me.

  1. dimetrodon (not a dinosaur)
  2. stegosaurus
  3. triceratops
  4. ornithomimus
  5. tyrannosaurus rex
  6. allosaurus
  7. corithosaurus
  8. dilophosaurus
  9. spinosaurus
  10. plesiosaur (generic water reptile, not a dinosaur)
  11. plateosaurus
  12. iguanadon
  13. apatosaurus
  14. brachiosaurus
  15. giganotosaurus
  16. velociraptor
  17. styracosaurus
  18. kentrosaurus
  19. pterodactyl (pterosaur, not a dinosaur)
  20. pteranodon (pterosaur, not a dinosaur)
  21. quetzlecoatlus (pterosaur, not a dinosaur)
  22. argentinosaurus
  23. ankylosaurus
  24. confucisornis
  25. parasaurolophus
  26. pachycephelasaurus
  27. troodon
  28. gallimumus
  29. oviraptor
Not bad!

A Million Words: My camera counter just reset. 10,000 pictures? Really?

Caramel Apple Cider has the honor of pushing it over the edge.

Maggie: Dalton bite me!
Me: He bit you?
Maggie: No, he BITE me!

Baking Less: Our oven is broken. We figured this out today making an apple tart (even though it's not Thanksgiving). It was burned on the bottom, but raw on the top. I insisted to Kannagi that something was wrong, and she discovered that the top heating element on the oven wasn't working.

It took an awful batch of muffins, two (not) puffy pancakes, and everything Kannagi has made in the last two weeks for us to figure this out. In fact, I then remembered that the top element had sparked and flamed while I was cooking once (and hadn't worked since, apparently). Oh well, we'll be home soon.

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