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[Comments] (2) [Trackback URL for this entry] I Want to Be in Number 7: Leonard introduced me to a site called The Kid Should See This. Every day they post a video or two that is beyond the kiddie show scope, but not beyond the not-underestimated kid. We have really enjoyed watching most of the videos shared there. If you have kids, check it out.

Today we watched Louis Armstrong sing "When the Saints Go Marching In." Maggie wasn't terribly interested in the video, but she was very curious what the number was. "What number?" she kept asking. She also remembered that this song is played on one of the Meet the Sight Word DVDs.

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Posted by Leonard at Mon Sep 12 2011 05:47

I also wanted to know what the number was! But I didn't have anyone to ask.

Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 14 2011 19:48

Oh, poor Leonard watching videos all alone. You can message Maggie if you have a comment about any future ones.

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