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Tension-Free Shifting: I spent a couple hours on Sunday afternoon doing a dry run (messy run) of packing our stuff to go home. If we get two big boxes to use as checked baggage, I think we can take it all with us. Most of the clothes we brought are staying here. Our kids have basically nothing that fits and is appropriate for November weather in Utah. We are looking forward to some fun shopping trips when we get home.

I also did some scrapbooking. I've finished all the pictures of our trips that I've printed (haven't printed Kerala yet) and I just have a few more pages of Bangalore pics left. It is entirely possible that I will go home with up-to-date, completed scrapbook pages. And now that I said that, I think I've challenged myself.

7 days until Dubai! Maggie and John have been making a new countdown sign each morning to hang on the door. I hope our kids don't get wanderlust when we move home and they realize we don't normally travel every three weeks. Especially since John will be doing a lot of travelling after we get home.

Maggiesaurus: Maggie was naming off the types of dinosaurs that came from some (imaginary) eggs, and I thought I'd write down all the dinosaurs she can identify. She had fun making the list with me.

  1. dimetrodon (not a dinosaur)
  2. stegosaurus
  3. triceratops
  4. ornithomimus
  5. tyrannosaurus rex
  6. allosaurus
  7. corithosaurus
  8. dilophosaurus
  9. spinosaurus
  10. plesiosaur (generic water reptile, not a dinosaur)
  11. plateosaurus
  12. iguanadon
  13. apatosaurus
  14. brachiosaurus
  15. giganotosaurus
  16. velociraptor
  17. styracosaurus
  18. kentrosaurus
  19. pterodactyl (pterosaur, not a dinosaur)
  20. pteranodon (pterosaur, not a dinosaur)
  21. quetzlecoatlus (pterosaur, not a dinosaur)
  22. argentinosaurus
  23. ankylosaurus
  24. confucisornis
  25. parasaurolophus
  26. pachycephelasaurus
  27. troodon
  28. gallimumus
  29. oviraptor
Not bad!


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