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[Comments] (1) Spotlight: Maggie was the Spotlight in Primary today. I quizzed her to get the info.

Favorite Color: Red, Orange and Grey
Favorite Scripture: 1 Nephi 3:7 (I extrapolated a bit with this.)
Favorite Primary Song: "Hello, Mama Stay" (Hello, Namaste), since this is the only one she remembers singing in Primary yet. But after I pointed out it was any of the songs in the Children's Songbook, she picked The Oxcart.
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Favorite Activity: Play and help Mom and Dad
Least favorite thing: Nothing.

Kerri made a big 8x10 picture of Maggie with a puzzle over it. The kids got to remove puzzle pieces with songs, and guess the clues to see who it was. Even though it was obvious (to the adults) that it was one of the white kids, it was the dress that gave it away. Maggie herself sat there so sweetly listening to clues about herself. Three favorite colors the same as her? Likes The Oxcart just like her?? It was the first spotlight, or she might have figured it out earlier.

Kerri and I both got teary-eyed when she was reading the rest of the clues about Maggie.


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