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[Comments] (4) Likes: For Tasha, who keeps asking.

Having a maid, so I can go out while Dalton is sleeping. Also, she is a really good cook.
The history, culture, and sights.
Inexpensive luxuries, like the fancy seaside trips we have planned.
Plenty of time to spend with the kids since there isn't much else to do.
Hong Kong!
Living life a little more simply and a little slower. I kind of like hanging the laundry to dry.
Cheap spices.
Daily validation that my kids are the cutest things on the planet. This is often accompanied by chocolate.
All the money we're saving.
Having John around a lot - and that he likes his job here.
The opportunity to develop a better sense of gratitude.

I didn't mention this in the Dislikes, but speaking of Tasha, huge sadface for our friends and family back home. We did a video chat with Grandma and Grandpa a couple days ago and Maggie is still talking about it. We are also enjoying exchanging weekly preschool updates with Tasha and Colette, but it's not the same.


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