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[Trackback URL for this entry] Dubai: There isn't as much to tell about Dubai as you might think. It's hot. The main thing there is shopping, which we weren't impressed with. And we spent a lot of time covered in sunscreen and water.

We spent two days relaxing on the beach alongside the Persian Gulf in the morning and playing in the snow at Ski Dubai/hanging out in the mall in the evenings. The beach was awesome. The sand was soft, the water was unbelievably warm, and it was so easy to float. We rented an umbrella and beach lounges. It was very nice and relaxing.

We took turns in the snow park since Dalton was too small to play. They had innertube slides, bobsled, and sledding. Maggie loved it.

In between beach and snow days, we went to the Aquadventure water park at Atlantis on The Palm. It was fabulous! They had a long "lazy river" type ride, with rapids and wave sections. The innertubes had the kids' holes sealed off so they could sit without falling through. John and I took turns doing down the big slide that went through the fish tank, but mostly we just floated around on the rapids.

Finally, we went to the Burg Khalifa, the world's tallest building (and attached to the world's largest mall). It wasn't as impressive as we'd hoped. Dubai is a new city. There are a lot of buildings in-process and a lot of... nothing. Desert. The view wasn't much to speak of. Also, Maggie was afraid. After we came down, we watched the water fountain show (on the world's largest fountain, of course).

We went to Rainforest Cafe for lunch to celebrate Dalton's birthday. Naturally, he was afraid at first, but when we left, he was waving goodbye to the snake and the giant crocodile.

The best thing about Dubai was that it wasn't India. It was hard to come back. John freaked himself out when he realized we had 4 Sundays left in India and thought that meant four weeks. But we leave on a Monday - three weeks from tomorrow. And we are counting down.

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