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: Headed to Dubai tomorrow! We'll be back just in time for Dalton's 2nd birthday. Don't say we never bought you anything, boy!

[Comments] (2) The Truth Comes Out: We walked into church yesterday morning...
Maggie: Mommy! They don't have the TV!
Me: That's next week, sweetie
Maggie: But there's no TV!
Me: It's there. It's in the closet. They'll set it up next week. If you want, we can watch a video of the Prophet on the computer when we get home.
Maggie: So... I have to go to Primary today?

I don't know what Maggie has against Primary other than "I'm scared" and "People are mean" (which they're not). I told her I won't be going to Primary with her when we go home, and she's like, great! But in the meantime, she clings to me, won't sit down, sing, or say her scripture that she has perfectly memorized. Even though they give the kids chocolate bars for practicing the program. I think there might be a correlation between "Ethan and Maddie" leaving and her change in attitude. She brought up Ethan and Maddie after I told her she'd have her friends Ethan and James in her new class in Utah. Maybe she'll be ok once it's white people (who don't pinch).


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