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[Comments] (3) [Trackback URL for this entry] I Don't Like Candy Corn: This afternoon John called to say there was a carnival of sorts set up in the courtyard of his office complex. Dalton wasn't napping, so we headed over. The kids had the run of the place. There was a bouncy house, a manual McKay Mouse merry go round (stick your kid on and give it a push) and a train that went in a 10 ft diameter circle. Dalton rode the train 5 times. Maggie jumped.

Afterwards, we went upstairs to celebrate John's departure. He got a nice gift, and a nicer card, and the kids had 8 pieces of cake between them. Eight! I can't do anything to stop Indians from feeding my children excessive sweets. Maggie was actually quite friendly, maybe because we'd just been a week ago and the environment was familiar.

When we got home, our package from Jamie had arrived! 32 days? Sheesh. Any bets on whether we can eat 3 pounds of candy corn in 10 days?

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Thu Jan 05 2012 08:32: Miracle Delrio from Miracle Delrio

Looking forward to reading more. Great blog article. Really Great.


Posted by Mom at Fri Oct 21 2011 15:30

Sounds like you can eat that much, just give up the cake.

Posted by Jamie at Sat Oct 22 2011 08:47

Candy corn, Halloween Peeps....you can do it!

Posted by Susie at Sun Oct 23 2011 05:47

I tried a Peep and it didn't taste like anything. I'll save them for the kids.

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