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[Comments] (2) More on Diwali: We insisted Sandeep take two days off, since he has a five hour drive to his village, and we didn't really need him. We took a few autos out and about on Wednesday. Then we spent Thursday lying in bed being sick.

Wednesday night must be the big night, because that was definitely when we heard the most fire crackers. They were going off from 6 until after we went to bed at 11 - constantly. That is a LOT of fire cracking. I also noticed some of the shops and autos had banana leaves or tree stalks tied on either side. Must be auspicious.

I was supposed to go with Kannagi to take some things to her house today. We gave her lots of kitchen stuff, clothes, baby stuff, food, etc. Unfortunately, I was definitely not feeling up to it and Maggie refused to go without me. So, she ended up just taking Dalton, and the camera. Dalton got to meet his namesake*. He was fast asleep on Kannagi's shoulder when they returned, so I didn't have to worry about him refusing to nap without his crib (now passed on to the younger Dalton).

*I can't remember if I've blogged about this already, so I'll mention it again. Kannagi mentioned the name Dalton to her daughter, and she liked it. So, not only did Kannagi's grandson end up being named Dalton, they gave the baby his dad's middle name - Roy. Really!


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