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[Comments] (3) [Trackback URL for this entry] No Plans: We weren't really planning on doing much today, but we ended up with quite a busy day! First, we went to IHOP for breakfast. Maggie got it right on the third try... iPod... iPop... IHOP! Yum. The kids got balloon animals. Maggie got a dinosaur that look an awful lots like the scary grasshopper in A Bug's Life. Dalton got a snowman!

We put up some Christmas decorations, which thrilled the kids. Then we went to Old Navy. They were having a 5-hour frenzy of 75% off coats. Since our coats got lost in the mail, we took advantage. We got $250 worth of clothes for $88. Yay! We love our new coats.

After that, we went to Jodi & Franco's, to see what they've done to Grandma June's house. It looks great! We also got back some of our toys and books, which the kids were excited about.

Then we went to the Lehi Cemetery to see Grandma June's grave. Maggie brought a little Christmas tree to put on her grave. As soon as we got out of the car she asked, "Where's Grandma June? Is she getting fixed?" and when we got in the car she said, "Wait! I want to see Grandma June's bones!" ... Well. Perhaps now we have a better understanding of what we do with bodies.

While I'm blogging, I'll mention that yesterday I went to the new Utah Museum of Natural History with my cousin Sarah. Sharon got us the free tickets. We didn't get to see everything, as is often the case with little kids, but what we did see was pretty neat. My favorite part was a wall of ceratopsian skulls - over a dozen triceratops relatives. They also let us go in the storage rooms and labs where they keep dead animals in formaldehyde jars etc.


Posted by Mom at Sat Nov 19 2011 17:03

Glad you liked the Museum. I've heard great things.

Posted by Leonard at Sat Nov 19 2011 17:18

Yay formaldehyde jars.

Posted by Susie at Sat Nov 19 2011 18:03

Yeah, I told Sarah about Dad's secret science storage room.

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