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Time Out!: Maggie gave me a time out because I took away the toy she and Dalton were fighting over. Sweet! I grabbed my stuff and hurried into her room and closed the door. It wasn't 3 minutes before the kids were politely knocking on the door asking if they could "help."

Later, Maggie smacked her face on the stair railing. I snuggled her in the rocking chair until she felt better. Dalton came over to investigate. Maggie was kneeling on my lap with her face snuggled into my neck. He looked at her snuggling me for a minute and then announced, "Bum!" For some reason this was hilarious (even to me) and now the kids are running in circles around the house singing, "Ready to go to... Bum!" They are actually ready to go to Ember's house, and have been for hours, but Ember isn't home from school yet.

I Am Woman: I just replaced the ball rod assembly on our bathroom sink. Because I'm awesome like that. It took much longer than it probably should have, and it's a bit jiggly... but the sink drains now!


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