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[Comments] (1) Home Sweet Home: For reals! It is soooo good to be home.

6 countries
4 states
23 flights
16 airports
1 30 minute delay
ZERO mishandled bags
It's been a long 17 months.

God Bless America and all that. I might have cried when we landed in New Jersey. America is amazing. They have freeways! And you can drink the tap water. And my refrigerator is HUGE! The kids are happy to be home and surrounded by "new" toys and lots of family members. Dalton went walking around the house after church calling for Ember.

Dalton has learned many new words since we got home, including Cold, Mountains, Coat, Grandma, and Snow. He went to nursery today and just loved it. Maggie went to Primary and appeared to survive. Her teacher said once she was in the class, she just started talking away, and that she said she went to Primary in India and didn't like it. No kidding.


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