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[Comments] (2) Pokies: I took both the kids for well visits yesterday. Between them, they got 9 shots, PLUS the flu mist. Poor kids. We had to hold Maggie down and she screamed and said she was NEVER coming back. By bedtime, Dalton could barely walk, but they both seem ok today.

Afterwards we went to IKEA for free kid's meals on Tuesday. My kids are car-seat-challenged. When I undo the buckles they just sit there. Luckily neither of them has thrown a fit over having to be buckled in. Maggie is still loving preschool.

We're supposed to get internet on Monday. I think the kids will miss visiting their grandparents all the time, but I'm sure we'll think of another excuse.


Posted by Mom at Sun Nov 13 2011 16:29

You don't need excuses to visit grandpa and grandma.


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