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Happenings: Continuing this week, with John in California and us trying to keep busy: Thursday, my aunt Sharon and cousins Jill and Camilla came over. We had a yummy lunch and a fun time talking. Dalton attached himself to Sharon. She makes a very good great-auntie.

Today, we bought a new toilet, and an overpriced toy as a birthday gift (the toilet was not a birthday gift). I wish I'd been able to plan ahead and buy something online; not only was everything overpriced at Toys R Us, the selection wasn't very good.

Dalton first learned the word Christmas as part of the phrase "Christmas tree." He still hasn't separated the two. I took the kids to see Santa earlier this week (there's no line in November). Dalton enjoyed it. He sat on Santa's lap and agreed with everything the man said (smart kid). Maggie hid behind my back. The mall also has a dino-themed play place, so that was fun.

Last night, I took the kids to get their free meals at Del Taco (and some energy out on the play place). Dalton was too small for the play place, so Maggie had to haul him up every single step. Double wearing-out bonus!

John is finally coming home tomorrow. Yay! Maggie is going to a birthday party, and we have our ward party in the evening. I already made Thai Pasta Salad to take.


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