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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] 25 Christmas Highlights:

1. Spoiling the kids
2. Christmas sugar cookies
3. Telling Maggie that elves were watching her
4. Dinosaur museums
5. John not working
6. Leonard's visit
7. Harry Potter party with cousins
8. Dalton's amazement at the never-ending presents
9. Dinner and Christmas movies with Jodi and Franco
10. New phone
11. New camera
12. New Legos
13. Carcassonne and other games
14. Sledding at the cabin, bundled up warm in borrowed and hand-me-down snow clothes with my awesome family (+ doggies)
15. "Can we drive around our neighborhood?" every night
16. Delicious food at Aunt Birgitta's annual Christmas Eve party
17. Leonard cooking. And doing the dishes. When did he become so tidy?
18. Maggie yelling "I got a rock!" when unhappy with a Hannah Montana binder during the White Elephant game
19. Maggie singing with the Primary during Church. Actually opening her mouth and singing
20. Dalton running up to the stand to have his turn
21. The kids loving their Uncle Leonard
22. New socks
23. Potato casserole
24. Reading A Christmas Carol
25. Teaching the kids about "baby Jesus"

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