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Seeing Things: "Can you see a thing?" This is what Maggie says when it's dark. It's adorable. Our car windows are heavily tinted, so it's very difficult to see anything when we are in a car park. Yesterday I gave her toilet paper rolls and some red, orange, and yellow crepe paper to make a pretend fire with. She stuffed the orange paper in two toilet paper rolls and set them on my and John's nightstands. "Look mom, I gave you a fire so you can see a thing!"

Update: It appears that "I can't see a thing" is said in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

We picked John up from work and ate at Sunny's in Indiranagar. It was awesome. There weren't many other customers, and they had a baby seat that kept Dalton in one place. Our food was really good and the dessert was actually worth getting. Plus, it was great to spend time together. While waiting for the driver, we went into The Body Shop next door. Yum. We'll go there instead of to the spa next time we need pampering.


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