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[Comments] (1) : Maggie was in the bathtub just now when the power went out.
I went to her (in the pitch black) saying, "it's ok, I'm right here."
"Mom, don't open it."
"Open what?"
"Don't open the bathtub lid [drain] yet. I'm not done."

She loves to play "snuggle in the dark" which is a lot like snuggling. With the lights off. I think it's a subtle way of saying "I want to sleep in your bed tonight" but it hasn't worked yet.

Today I took her on a swimming play date. The play friends were babies the same age as Kyli. Maggie took over the floating seat and walked around the kiddie section wearing it. The water was cold, but felt good and it was nice to hang out with people.

We left Dalton at home asleep. While we were gone Kannagi made two batches of pretzels, chapati, roti, chicken biryani, and made rice and prepped vegetables for me to cook this weekend. She also cleaned the kitchen and entertained Dalton. Amazing.


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