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[Comments] (1) Prophets and Temples: We watched two sessions of General Conference with our branch today. We had a half hour break in between and the kids were surprisingly well-behaved for all four hours. We had a little help from the usual young single adult men. I’m glad we had the opportunity to go, because there’s definitely something different about watching Conference in a chapel than watching it on TV at home in your PJs, or at your leisure on the computer, or reading it in the Ensign.

We believe in living prophets today, and it’s a joy to take time out of our oh-so-busy Sunday schedule to hear what guidance they have for us for the next 6 months. Maggie is learning President Monson’s name, and was happy to see President Uchtdorf as well – remember we met him hiking recently. She compared the speakers to the pictures in the April Liahona’s children’s activity and I helped her write the names underneath.

A brother in our ward at home is a member of the Tabernacle Choir and seeing him singing made me inexplicably homesick.

I loved the quote from President McKay that the church will shut down temples before they let our people go hungry. I love how involved the church is in welfare and relief. It’s no secret that the church is wealthy. Wealth distributed under the direction of the Apostles and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. No better work can be done.

85% of church members live within 200 miles of a temple. Being in that 15% stinks! Especially because most of them probably can’t afford to travel so far to the nearest temple. We are really looking forward to our trip to Hong Kong this week all the more because we will be able to attend the temple – the only time we’ll be able to during our 11 months in India.

Speaking of Hong Kong, we’ve also booked travel to Bangkok, Thailand for our anniversary this summer. I have always wanted to travel to Thailand and I am really looking forward to the fun and cultural things we’re going to do there.

Lift-onomics: Indians think that to get the elevator to come down to you, you push the down button - regardless of where you want to go once you get in the elevator. This usually works fine if you are the only person using the elevator. Once you get in, you push the floor you want to go to, and it takes you there.

But if you're on the 6th floor and want to go to the 8th floor and push the down button to get the elevator to come down to you, and I'm on the ground floor wanting to go to the fourth floor, the elevator is going to come all the way down to get me and drop me off first.

Just saying.


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