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Easter Wednesday: We celebrated Easter early yesterday, since we will be in Hong Kong until afterwards. Basically, I wanted the kids to enjoy the stuff we (I mean, the Easter Bunny) got them. John hid everything 'cause he's good at stuff like that. Here's our homemade/makeshift Easter hunt:

Fisher-Price nesting eggs
Fabric pocket eggs
Starburst jellybeans (thanks, Jill!)
Littlest Pet Shop rabbit, turtle, and chair
sand/water toys (funnel, castle-shaped watering can, etc)
toy boat
blow up baby pool
dinosaur stickers
yellow and black nail polish (a la Ember the bumblebee)
Cadbury eclair candies
and two little cloth bunnies I made trying to replicated the felt bunnies from last year.

Later in the day, I made an actual felt bunny from the felt Jill sent.


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