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Shopping: I am not a jewelery girl and I am not a purse girl, but somehow I'm coming "home" from Hong Kong with more of those things. I checked the price on a tiny, plastic purse at Burberry yesterday and it was nearly $400 (US) so I decided to go with the little $2 purses at Stanley Market. I got two tiny purses that'll hold a phone and credit cards and some cash and that's about it.

I also got a jade bracelet. Jade! The lady also looking at them asked the salesgirl if they were high grade jade and the girl laughed at her. So, we spent $13 on a bracelet instead of $2,000. I'm ok with that, and I love it.

We also got Chinese clothes, t-shirts, postcards, a fan, a parasol, chopsticks, and regular clothes for me and Maggie. Lots of silk brocade coming back with us.

I am not looking forward to going back to India. Hopefully the reality is better.

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