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Home Sweet... Oh Wait.:
Good: Washing machine!
Bad: Power was out most of the day.
Good: Lots of toys! The kids were very happy to see all their toys again. Maggie missed her free play time.
Bad: Two little dinosaurs decided to keep touring the island.
Good: Dalton was willing to start napping again.
Bad: No nap for me, since I had to go grocery shopping.
Good: I didn't yell at anyone at the grocery store.
Bad: Haven't been able to find basil again.
Good: Had a box of scrapbooking supplies waiting for me.
Bad: Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of photos.
Good: The apartment was nice and clean to come home to.
Bad: We also came home to ants.
Good: 32 days until our next vacation.
Good: 1 hour flight.
Good: Swimming, kids club, all-inclusive, beach, relax, and actual bathtub.

Second Breakfast: Indian butter chicken, fried okra and naan. Yum.

I'm on my third load of laundry. The power's been out twice, but we got up super early, so it balances out. Hopefully the sun stays out because I already don't have room to dry this load.


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