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Home Sweet... Oh Wait.:
Good: Washing machine!
Bad: Power was out most of the day.
Good: Lots of toys! The kids were very happy to see all their toys again. Maggie missed her free play time.
Bad: Two little dinosaurs decided to keep touring the island.
Good: Dalton was willing to start napping again.
Bad: No nap for me, since I had to go grocery shopping.
Good: I didn't yell at anyone at the grocery store.
Bad: Haven't been able to find basil again.
Good: Had a box of scrapbooking supplies waiting for me.
Bad: Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of photos.
Good: The apartment was nice and clean to come home to.
Bad: We also came home to ants.
Good: 32 days until our next vacation.
Good: 1 hour flight.
Good: Swimming, kids club, all-inclusive, beach, relax, and actual bathtub.


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