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[Comments] (2) About a Boy: Today is Dalton's half-birthday; he is 18 months old. Since we have General Conference this week and will be in Hong Kong the next two Sundays (YES!) he won't be starting nursery for a few more weeks.

He loves cars. He has started lining them up.
He can sign a couple dozen words.
He is very interested in animals. He always notices birds (and signs "bird" and says "caw" if it's a crow making that sound) and dogs (and signs "dog" and says "woof") and cows (and signs "horse" and says "moo") and bugs (and says "guck").
He knows animals sounds and makes them with a passion.
Dalton knows the sounds of all 26 letters.
He loves to color.
He loves to go for walks. If he hears me mention it, he will bring his shoes over. "gack!"
He is not as snuggly as his sister. When we read books, he likes to sit next to me rather than on my lap.
He is very friendly and outgoing and still lets random Indians pick him up.
He just cut his 10th tooth (5 times as many as Maggie had at this age).
He wakes up too early.
He jumps down small steps.
He likes Ring Around the Rosie and other dancing games.
He says "uh oh!" when the power goes out.

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Posted by Rachel at Sat Apr 09 2011 09:41

and cats! don't forget the cats.

Posted by Susie at Sun Apr 10 2011 06:39



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