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[Comments] (2) Today: I keep meaning to blog, but I haven’t had anything good to say. So in lack of anything better, here’s what I did today.

John got up with the kids about 7. I got up at 7:25, made the beds, started a load of laundry. Made smoothies (mango yogurt, orange juice, pineapple juice, frozen strawberries) and peanut butter toast for breakfast. Took the trash out. Kids watched Madagascar. I checked email and went through my Google Reader, bookmarking stuff to post on Mommysavers during naptime. Got a preschool activity ready for Maggie. Power went on and off and drove me and the internet nuts.

Maggie and I did a math game while Dalton played cars. Maggie helped me make colored ice cubes for water sensory play after quiet time. Dalton helped me make a mess. I made some cookies during a brief window when the power was on and stayed on. Kannagi made the dough last night, but the power has been blinking on and off for the past 24 hours. Hung up the laundry.

Fed Dalton a chapatti with peanut butter for lunch. Maggie wanted corn and cold water. Maggie drew some pictures on her daily journal paper and I helped her write about it while Dalton colored. Started another load of laundry. Lay on the rug singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm and Little Dalton Had a Zoo. Changed Dalton’s diaper. Gave Dalton a bath.

Swept up cookie crumbs. Changed Dalton’s diaper. Did breakfast, lunch, colored water and cookie dishes. Hung up more laundry. Emptied the baby pool and washed it with bleach water. This whole time Maggie was reading The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble With Friends and Dalton was in the kids’ room tucking his cars under Maggie’s pillow in a neat line.

Read The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble With Friends to the kids. Put Dalton down for his nap. Played oxcart game (The Oregon Trail) with Maggie. Put Maggie in my room with her Legos for quiet time.

When Maggie finished Legos, I set up the water play for her. We did three different colors of ice cubes and now she is playing with clear water. After, I have two more school activities planned for Maggie (making an address book, and making letters using playdough). When Dalton wakes up I’m going to take them to the playground or for a walk around the building because we’ve been inside all day. Then we’re having leftover chicken/veg biriyani and cookies for dinner. Maggie needs a bath, then bedtime!

Once the kids are in bed, I’ll do the dinner dishes, take a shower, and John and I will probably watch a show, or take a walk around the building. I am reading a book Rachel sent me, so I’ll probably read some of that before bed.

There’s my exciting day/blog post!


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