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Would you like fat with that?: A few weeks ago, Kannagi called me as I was on my way home from shopping. "I can't understand what Maggie wants and she is crying," she said. She thought maybe Maggie wanted to bake the chapatti. She put Maggie on the phone.

"I want to eat butter with bacon!" Maggie cried. I burst out laughing and told Kannagi to give Maggie a roll with some butter to dip it in.

A few days before, we had pea soup with bacon and rolls, and Maggie just loved dipping her bacon in the butter for her roll. Yum.

In India But Not Of It: I know a few people here who seem to be pretending they're not in India. If you can spend 95% of your time in Air Conditioning, then maybe you won't notice it's not the US! But then why did you come?

You might ask the same of me. I have my complaints about living here. India is anything but convenient - one hassle after another. We came here to experience India, not to hide from it. Yes, I could pay someone to do my shopping and never leave the house, but what's the point? Everyday cultural experiences are just as much a part of this as taking all the right pictures and getting all the right passport stamps.


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