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[Comments] (3) AIDS Conspiracy: Yesterday I was browsing free Kindle books, and I came across a book that claimed AZT causes AIDS and that the FDA and drug companies knew this and allowed it to happen because of greed. Really? Please enlighten me if you know more about this. I admit to youth and ignorance in the 80s, but was still surprised by this conspiracy theory (the book's reviews and a quick google search led me to more reasonable and researched explanations). I guess I shouldn't be surprised; after all, my mom had AIDS and the drug companies killed her.

The drugs and cocktails she took ate away at her stomach lining until she couldn't digest food properly. This led to frequent vomiting, constant nausea, and 3 years of intravenous total parenteral nutrition. When her body quit absorbing the TPN, it was removed and she died shortly after. So, yes, I suppose the drugs did kill her. Fourteen years after AIDS killed my dad.

Fourteen years during which she lived, worked, enjoyed her furballs and flowers, raised her kids, and touched hundreds of students, coworkers, friends, neighbors, church members, and relatives. I can't say I mind so much that the drugs killed her rather than AIDS.

At the same time I wrote this blog entry, several of my cousins were visiting my parents' grave. Was the earth disturbed? I have a feeling there's a run-on sentence in this post that has Mom turning.


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