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[Comments] (1) India in 3D: I took the kids to the science museum yesterday. I sprung for the 3D movie (less than $1 for two of us). It was the worst 3D movie I've ever seen and it was hilarious. The first five minutes I couldn't decide if this was a really long ad for the 3D movie company, of if this was the "science movie". They showed clips of advertisements, crash test dummies, undersea life etc, along with the company's logo. It was really weird. And apparently it was just a really long ad.

Then there was a 5 minute 3D claymation short, "Ali Baba's tale". Basically, Aladdin, condensed. Then there was a 5 minute dinosaur show, where you run around dinosaur world seeing things, but in the background someone kept saying, "Your power has been restored." And at the end we were sterilized. ??? Finally there was a "magic show" that was more of a science show. I couldn't tell if it was badly dubbed or if the sound was a bit off. The magic consisted of a fake animated skull (and the scientist turns into the skull at the end), flying robots, and cloning a small white mouse into dozens of big, brown rats. Hmm. The end!

The 3D goggles were really dark, and I had a hard time seeing the film anyway. Dalton sat still the entire time, and Maggie loved it. The dinosaur bit was a little scary and she held my hand. But Dalton, who freaks out at the animatronic dinosaur exhibit, didn't mind one bit. Maybe because he wasn't wearing the goggles.


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