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Sunday: For some reason Maggie really didn't want to go to church today. We had a tough time getting her dressed, and she cried when it was time for Primary. We ended up setting her up next to me at the piano, where I insisted she listen and sing along.

Apparently, John got kicked out of nursery. I have no problem with a "no parents in the nursery" rule, but then you have to let the kid do more than squawk before you bring them out.

I'm making soup and rolls for dinner. I hope the rolls turn out ok. I followed the recipe, which didn't include proofing the yeast, but I used chunky Indian yeast.

Babies and Kids:
Maggie: Dalton is a baby boy.
Me: What are you?
Maggie: I'm a kid girl.

I explained the word "birth" to her, and how it relates to "birthday" and being born.
Maggie, later: Being born is for kids and babies only.


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