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[Comments] (3) Puja & Friends: I really like going to church in India. It's not like I look forward to Sundays, particularly. But every time we go, I remember how friendly everyone is, and how it feels like we don't stick out as much. We still stick out, but maybe people are used to us? It's nice to feel like I'm doing something useful when I accompany the Primary. I think my presence is making Maggie act out a bit, but she settles down for her class. And someone sat next to me in Relief Society. Like, right next to me, not one seat over!

Since I sometimes go the entire week without a meaningful conversation with anyone besides John, I really like the opportunity to hang out with so many people I have something in common with.


Posted by Susie at Mon Jul 11 2011 01:43

They all appear to work. Guess I could hang out with their maids.

Posted by Mom at Mon Jul 11 2011 20:59

It is hard to just have the kids all day until John gets home. Soon the summer holiday will end a few will return.


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