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[Comments] (3) TII: This is the new phrase around here: This is India or TII. It's used when no other excuse or reason can possibly apply, or to vocalize frustration.

Today I was cooking quesadillas (with my suitcase-imported cheese) on our too-hot gas stove when suddenly it started POURING rain. Of course my laundry was hanging out still, so I ran to the balcony and hurriedly pulled off the pins and threw them and the clothes into the house while yelling at the kids to stay inside. Only in India - TII. Amazingly, my quesadilla did not burn.

People peeing on the side of the road. TII.

No stock. In 4 different grocery stores. TII

The electrician took one of our light fixtures to repair and never brought it back. TII

10 minutes to get to Indiranagar. 25 to get home. TII

Men wearing lungis and flipflops while doing construction. Oh, and babies taking naps at construction sites on the side of the road. TII

Dalton has perfected stepping over the cracks in the sidewalk (and the sewer). TII


Posted by Rachel at Thu Jul 14 2011 07:55

only in India? TIE! *crossing fingers against rain*

Posted by Susie at Thu Jul 14 2011 21:30

Did it rain on your sheets?


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