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I Am Dinosaur, Hear Me Roar: Is "I'm a carnivore" a valid excuse for not eating her lettuce?

What about if she says it with a mouthful of carrot?

Today's Excursion: Dalton insisted on walking outside the gates, rather than our usual "walk around the building." The kids waved to their coconut-seller friend, and we encountered a turkey who lives at a fancy spa/salon down the road. He puffed up his feathers trying to scared us off, and it worked on Dalton. We went back and walked around the building. We discovered seeds dripping from some type of palm, and Dalton picked his usual two yellow flowers (one for each hand, of course). Then we found huge red flowers and tons of seeds falling off a giant tree. The kids also picked up all the plumeria flowers they could find, so I got out the nature box for them to play with.

We ended with two extra elevator rides so we could collect a postcard from Aunt Rachel. Bonus!


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