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[Comments] (3) "Trick or Lettuce!" and Other Fun: The only vegetable Dalton will eat is okra.

19 books read in August.

I heard screaming this afternoon. Dalton. Real crying, so I went to see what Maggie had done to him. He was stuck in the hiking carrier. I got him out, and realized he was holding all of his stuffed animals. Maggie was packing hers into the bag attached to the carrier. Apparently they were taking a trip!

"Mommy, do you think Heavenly Father can fix Grandma June?" Out of nowhere, in the car. By the time I was done explaining, she was telling me about the latest dinosaur place.

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Posted by Mom at Thu Sep 08 2011 20:17

A cute comment but sorry it came out of a meltdown. They way kids understand boggles my mind.


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