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Drip, tip, top, little rainbow shower...

Blocks are a kind of Legos.

I tried to explain some of the puns in When I See an Elephant Fly.
Maggie: My baseball flies. If I hit it very far. Snoopy doesn't fly, but he thinks he can.

The deacons came to collect Fast Offerings after church today. I had just been explaining to the kids that we are taking a long drive in the car to California. Maggie went to get her puzzle map of the US when the doorbell rang. I could hear her in the front room talking to the boys. "This is Utah and we're going all the way to California!" One of the boys asked "what's that one?" and she replied, "I don't know. I think it's Bangkok where we went in India." When I went in, she asked me what it was and after I informed her it was Texas, she proudly announced such to the boys.

This morning, the kids and I checked out all the rides at Disneyland and California Adventure. Maggie is tall enough for nearly all of them, and Dalton can now go on Gadget's Go-Coaster and Matterhorn. Maggie was especially excited about Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain (since it has dinosaur bones). She is not planning to go on Tower of Terror, and I'm not planning to take her! However, she says her favorite is the Redwood trails.

We were last at Disneyland (in California) a year and a half ago, so I was impressed when she said things like, "that's right next to Mickey Mouse's house" and "remember the dinosaurs on the train?"

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Posted by John at Tue Jan 10 2012 07:48

Bangkok = Texas? I've always wondered what one night in Texas does to a person. Maybe it also makes a tough man humble.

If only Bangkok were so close; we could go back!

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