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"Like this, Mommy!": Dalton's favorite phrase this week is "Like this, Mommy!" usually followed by a sound. His favorite sound is ketchup. "Ketchup like this, Mommy! Thbbbbbsth!"

We watched Kyli today. Maggie was at school and Ky and Dalton played so well together. Kyli says "Dalton" so cute. They both sat down on matching blue chairs watching "Dumbo" while each holding their elephant snugglies.

Also today, Dalton made the smallest mess possible involving a boy and an open container of Vaseline.

Boys, Girls, and Otters: We went to the aquarium with Jodi and Kyli today. They have some adorable new otters. They also had free Otter Pops!

Maggie finished writing out her Valentines this morning. She wrote her name on each of them, and all of her classmates' names. We practiced writing lowercase letters, and she did great. Tonight we did another activity where I drew half a heart on folded paper and had her cut it out. I am very impressed by her scissors skills.

Dalton is a fruit & veggie lover. He had black beans, strawberries, and pineapple for lunch! I can't even get Maggie to eat carrots and apples anymore. Dalton also said a cute sentence today. He bumped into Kyli so I told him to say, "sorry." He did, then ran over to me and said, "I said sorry, mommy!"

[Comments] (1) Everybody Clean Up: Last night I told myself I'd clean off the kitchen counters (ie. catchall) before I went to bed. So I did, and you know what? It really only took 2 minutes. I always say, "well, I can just take that next time I go downstairs" or "I'll put that in the car next time I go out" but when I just went and did it right then, it looked so much nicer!

Today John and I did a little shopping and went out to lunch for Valentine's Day. We went to CPK, and only paid $15 since we had a gift card. Yum! We also popped into a party store that we always just walk by - wow! They had everything from individual colored M&Ms to 48-packs of dinosaurs. They also had tux rentals and a life-size cutout of G.W. Bush. I was looking online for somewhere to buy food coloring for Maggie's birthday and I couldn't find anything, but they had that, too. I'll definitely be going back.

After we picked the kids up from Grandma & Grandpa's, we went to the park. Since it's 60 degrees. I told John, "I think we got more snow last winter before we left for India (on Dec. 4) than we have this whole winter."

Someone Loves School: Bless Mommy and Daddy and Dalton not to miss me when I'm gone. Bless me to have fun. Bless all the things to not be tricky. Bless all the kids to not be noisy at school.

[Comments] (1) Hello February 15th: Bless that we can put up our Easter decorations. Bless that the Easter Bunny will come on Easter. I think he will but we'll have to wait and see.

I'm not even sure we have any Easter decorations.

: Dalton has gotten into the habit of saying "thanks" to the young man passing the Sacrament to him. Aside from my son's adorable politeness, this made me think about who we should really be thanking for the Sacrament. Thanks to Christ we can repent of our sins every week. Lucky us to be so loved.

Sledding: We went sledding at the cabin today. It was exhausting. I'm sitting in the bathroom while Dalton takes a bath and he is sedately playing with the bath toys and bubbles. It must have been exhausting for him, too.

We had some good runs, both at the flat and just near our cabin. Dalton was scared and kept saying "no more sledding" but he had fun. We tried to build a snowman. Somehow, John got one ball rolled, but that was all we managed. It was just perfect for some twig arms, pine cone eyes, and baby carrot nose.

I made BBQ pork sandwiches for dinner and John loved it. Every time I eat something with an egg in it he says, "I thought you didn't like eggs." Maybe I should remind him that he doesn't like pork.

[Comments] (1) Party in the Works: We went on a birthday-shopping spree today, for Maggie's birthday party next week. We went to FIVE different stores! We got air-dry clay, wood shavings, paintbrushes, food coloring, and chocolate rocks, not to mention party hats and paper plates. I decided not to spend $10 on the dinosaur pinata and instead spent some of that money on stuff to fill a DIY one with. I don't want to do candy. My kids get enough candy and I'm sure everyone else's do, too. Of course, I don't want junky toys either (dinosaurs are not junky toys in our house) so I did non-candy consumables. Hah!

All I have left to buy is dino chicken nuggets and day-of balloons for the birthday girl.

Dalton's Sillies: February was short but filled with lots of silliness. I tried to write the kids' silly sayings down as they happened (in my phone, in my notebook, on a scrap of paper, or a blog post draft). I may have lost a paper or two, but there's plenty to make you smile. See Maggie's here.

2/14: Bye guys! Dinosaur man! Hour! (Maggie got in the habit of saying "bye house see you in half a hour" whenever we leave. And "Dinosaur man" is "We're going to the Dinosaur Museum."

2/14: Mommy, happy face! Which was his way of asking for lip gloss.

The kids have a new game for the car where we each take turns picking a song and then we all sing it. This may or may not have been born out of hearing "Songs! Wiggles!" requested too many times. Dalton invariably chooses "Jingle Bells" or "ABCs". We sang ABCs twice on the way home from preschool today. Except once he said, "Cake." "Cake song?" "Cake." Okaaaay. So I sang "Happy Birthday."

His favorite Wiggles song is "Gulp, Gulp, Drink Some Water." He also really likes "it's a small world" and I've overheard him singing it to himself a few times.

2/21: Dalton burst into tears when he got up and found out Daddy was "on an airplane."

2/22: Every time I notice that Dalton is sitting nicely at the table I realize it's because I buckled him in.

He says "kitty" super cute still. It sounds more like "teeny" or "teengy". Video here.

[Comments] (1) Maggie in February: I think kids get sillier as they get older. When does that stop? See Dalton's silliness this month here.

2/1: When he see his shadow, Pissmas will come.

2/8: Pretending to be a superhero, she called herself "Heroman." Superheros was kind of a theme around here this month.

2/13: Eating hummus: "It tastes kind of yuck but it's good.

2/22 Mommy. When I'm big and married and there's a baby in my tummy, is it a boy or a girl and what name can we call it?

What kind of store is that?
It's a boat store.
Is it for boats that are out of stamina?
... It's to buy a boat.
Why are they out of the water? Why you laughing???

When she pretends to serve me food at a restaurant, or be a librarian, she does voices. She just makes her voice a little deeper.

"Look what's in this book! It's a duck Buddha!"

Dessert = "bessert" - I love it!
Hood = "hoof"

She invented something called a "Gradual Seahorse." It looks a lot like a regular seahorse (and you can call it that, she allows). And it does a lot of the same things a seahorse does according to the 20 minute lecture I received on the topic.

She is still obsessed with her pretend dinosaur, Whatasaurus. He's as tall as six tall, tall, buildings in the whole world each stack on each other (Burj Khalifa). He has "all the things" (spikes, toe claw, hump on his head, etc.)

Two words/concepts Maggie has learned at school are "pattern" and "collection". Except when she says "collection" it sounds like "question."

M: Can you get me more sun seeds?
Me: They're sunflower seeds.
M: Can you get me more flower seeds?

Both of the kids, but especially Maggie loves to "play parade" with Daddy. As far as I can tell, this involves swinging the kids around, turning them upside down, and generally dancing about, with crazy music playing.

2/26: During a video chat with Aunt Rachel, Maggie went to get her US map puzzle. "Where's London on this map?"

2/27: Reading That's Not My Mermaid
M: That's a India one.
Me: Why? (Thinking because she's wearing bangles.)
M: She's brown.
D: Bangles!


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