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Boys, Girls, and Otters: We went to the aquarium with Jodi and Kyli today. They have some adorable new otters. They also had free Otter Pops!

Maggie finished writing out her Valentines this morning. She wrote her name on each of them, and all of her classmates' names. We practiced writing lowercase letters, and she did great. Tonight we did another activity where I drew half a heart on folded paper and had her cut it out. I am very impressed by her scissors skills.

Dalton is a fruit & veggie lover. He had black beans, strawberries, and pineapple for lunch! I can't even get Maggie to eat carrots and apples anymore. Dalton also said a cute sentence today. He bumped into Kyli so I told him to say, "sorry." He did, then ran over to me and said, "I said sorry, mommy!"


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