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: Remember the olden days where a nice, sunny April day meant you could wear flip flops? It's a deceitful 43 degrees outside, and my toes got very cold.

Also: Of all the trouble my kids could have caused when I fell asleep on Dalton's bed, he decided to poop in the potty for the first time, all by his big boy self. So big!

Easter-y: Happy Easter! We celebrated by waking up early to take the kids to the egg "hunt" at Smith's. They had free donut holes and chocolate milk. Each age group had section taped off with candy all over the ground. Maggie filled up her entire Easter bucket with candy! Just what we need! The kids got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny as well.

Afterwards, we realized we had enough time to get breakfast and still go to the Draper City egg hunt. So we did. It was really cold outside and we had to wait half an hour. The kids got to see Elmo, Darth Vadar, the Easter Bunny etc. This egg "hunt" lasted about 2 minutes. Maggie got 8 eggs, Dalton a few more. We went back to our car and sat for 25 minutes waiting for the traffic to die down. And remembered why we decided to do the Smith's event this year.

John joked that the Draper hunt had better candy because Smith's had to buy their own. We were just getting our tax dollars' worth.

We went to lunch at a Mexican place, then used some free ice cream coupons we got at the Draper hunt. Still have at least three more - they were handing them out like crazy! Love free ice cream.

If it Ain't Broke: Ham and potatoes, ham and potatoes, and for dessert more ham and potatoes.

[Comments] (1) C25K Complete!: Today was my last day of the Couch to 5K program. You run 20-30 minutes 3 times a week for 9 weeks and at the end of it you can run a 5K! Just like that!

Well, I'm pretty sure I can't run a 5K. And I haven't lost a single pound. And the one time I ran outside on the trail with Dalton, the stroller, and a lollipop, the lollipop stick was in better shape by the time we got home.

BUT: I can "run" for 30 minutes straight on the elliptical. I fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, and I couldn't help but admire my legs in a store window the other day (we don't have a full-length mirror at home).

As I told Rachel, laundry is my motivating factor in working out. I was tired of only having one pair of pants that fit. So I'd call it a success. For me, it's not about the actual 5K. I thought about signing up for one, but changed my mind. I'm happy with the level of physical fitness I achieved in the last 9 weeks. And since I started the program after an unhappy ending to my pregnancy (during which I gained 12 pounds combating morning sickness), all the better.

Also, I watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy and a couple other movies while I worked out. I finished The Return of the King tonight along with my last workout. Awesome. And by "last workout" I don't mean I'm stopping.

Dalton: 2/29: He always says "big" with his arms spread out vertically. Big bite, big cat, big shoes.

3/8: 9 kids at birthday party. One drink spilled. One Dalton sitting at the table. Two drinks spilled. This is why we still use sippy cups.

3/8: (re: chocolate cake) Milk! Want milk on it, too. (We know he's in the right family)

3/17: It's sand! It's sand! (In Moab at Sand Dune Arch)

3/17: Hiking to Delicate Arch: Edna Mode. Edna Mode. (Dalton's favorite character in The Incredibles.)

4/20: M, handing out pretend hot dogs: Do you want mustard or ketchup on yours?
D: On yours.

Maggie Sue: I guess the kids aren't as funny lately.

3/18: Wind, go make some arches and leave us alone!

Early March: Me: You're the one who was peeking when I said "no looking."
Maggie: I keep trying to do that but it's hard. I try and it keep not working!

4/20 (reading): Puh... Pop! Like "purple."


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