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Easter-y: Happy Easter! We celebrated by waking up early to take the kids to the egg "hunt" at Smith's. They had free donut holes and chocolate milk. Each age group had section taped off with candy all over the ground. Maggie filled up her entire Easter bucket with candy! Just what we need! The kids got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny as well.

Afterwards, we realized we had enough time to get breakfast and still go to the Draper City egg hunt. So we did. It was really cold outside and we had to wait half an hour. The kids got to see Elmo, Darth Vadar, the Easter Bunny etc. This egg "hunt" lasted about 2 minutes. Maggie got 8 eggs, Dalton a few more. We went back to our car and sat for 25 minutes waiting for the traffic to die down. And remembered why we decided to do the Smith's event this year.

John joked that the Draper hunt had better candy because Smith's had to buy their own. We were just getting our tax dollars' worth.

We went to lunch at a Mexican place, then used some free ice cream coupons we got at the Draper hunt. Still have at least three more - they were handing them out like crazy! Love free ice cream.


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