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[Comments] (1) [Trackback URL for this entry] C25K Complete!: Today was my last day of the Couch to 5K program. You run 20-30 minutes 3 times a week for 9 weeks and at the end of it you can run a 5K! Just like that!

Well, I'm pretty sure I can't run a 5K. And I haven't lost a single pound. And the one time I ran outside on the trail with Dalton, the stroller, and a lollipop, the lollipop stick was in better shape by the time we got home.

BUT: I can "run" for 30 minutes straight on the elliptical. I fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, and I couldn't help but admire my legs in a store window the other day (we don't have a full-length mirror at home).

As I told Rachel, laundry is my motivating factor in working out. I was tired of only having one pair of pants that fit. So I'd call it a success. For me, it's not about the actual 5K. I thought about signing up for one, but changed my mind. I'm happy with the level of physical fitness I achieved in the last 9 weeks. And since I started the program after an unhappy ending to my pregnancy (during which I gained 12 pounds combating morning sickness), all the better.

Also, I watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy and a couple other movies while I worked out. I finished The Return of the King tonight along with my last workout. Awesome. And by "last workout" I don't mean I'm stopping.


Posted by Alyson at Thu Apr 12 2012 19:19

Yay for you, Susie!

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