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[Comments] (1) Superlative: Dalton has been saying "very, very" for a few days. He started off using it correctly. "I'm very, very hungry" or "That was very, very funny (fun)" or "Very, very sunny eyes!" Then today, he took off and is applying it to everything. "That's very, very mine", "Very, very not that!" and "Very, very bacon!"

The Hunt is On: John and I have begun the search for a place to live in CA. Mostly John. He's even taking care of all the phone calls to realtors, which is awesome. We've found quite a variety in our price range, close to work, close to schools (in the good district), close to the grocery store, close to parks (since we don't want a yard). In four days, we're driving down to see what we can in person, make a choice, and of course invest in Disneyland annual passes.

I'm so excited to move! We've been getting rid of tons of stuff. We made three trips to the DI containers when they were at our stake last week, and we already piled up more in the garage since. We're downsizing, which basically means cutting out all the space in our house that we currently don't use. And less "herding" needed. Not looking forward to packing, but everything else is going to be great.

Spending to Save: I'm not sure we've gotten $175 out of our Thanksgiving Point membership, despite my best efforts. We usually do something there at least once a week. I guess a museum visit would normally cost $17 and we've probably been close to 10 times, but I wouldn't have gone 10 times if I had to pay full price.

But anyway, today I used the reciprocal membership to take the kids to the Discovery Science Center, where I saved $28. Who would pay that? Yikes. The kids are still a little too young to thoroughly enjoy it, but we had fun.

You Can Laugh at Me: This afternoon we went back to our future new house to take some measurements and a few pictures. It always looks different the second time, but we are still very happy with it. It's a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath in a really great neighborhood, right, RIGHT next to the San Diego Creek Trail. We're going to really love living there.

Here's a hilarious anecdote from the day. After house checking out, we grabbed some dinner and went to the beach. We went back to our old haunt, Newport Beach, because we couldn't find anything to eat at Laguna Beach. Dalton played on the playground while Maggie and I went walking down by the water looking at shells.

A wave surprised us and got one of Maggie's feet wet and dirty. Naturally (stupidly) we decided to dip her foot in the water to rinse it off. Next thing you know, a big wave came and stole THREE of our flip flops! I ran up the beach, dumped our stuff and my remaining shoe on the dry sand, then hurried out in the water to try to catch them. Not only did I not catch them, I got wet. Luckily, when I turned around, Maggie was picking up her sandals from the sand where they'd already washed up, and then picked mine up. I called her a hero, which she loved. All flip flops saved! And we made a really fun memory.

Privateers: Dalton talked in his sleep quite a bit last night. One of the things I caught was "pirates". Maggie informed us that she had a dream about pirates in Utah, but she paused it because she had to wake up and start a day.

[Comments] (1) First Stitches for Dalt: Dalton got his first stitches last night, after tripping down the porch steps and getting his sunglasses smashed into his face by the cement. I think this event proves how abnormally well-behaved and laid back Dalton is. He only cried about 2 minutes after he first hit his head, then was perfectly fine. I took him to the urgent care, but they sent me to Primary Children's. They mumbled something about possible brain injury, but the urgent care can't sedate and I think they just didn't want to stitch up an unsedated 2 year old.

Primary Children's didn't end up sedating him anyway. He was so calm they decided to try it with just the shots. They just straight-jacketed him with a pillow case, wrapped him up like a burrito, and had a nurse hold his head while they gave him a couple shots and stitched him up. Oh, and they put on Toy Story and brought someone in to blow bubbles (seriously). He actually almost cried at one point, then I suggested busting out the bubbles and that worked. He kicked at them with his feet while the doctor finished stitching.

The head ER guy kept thanking me for letting them do it without sedation (I guess some moms can't stand to watch their kid be awake while being poked?) and for not making them do a CT scan when he was obviously fine.

Goodbye, Sis: Speaking of Dalton. One of his first words was "iss", although it took us a while to figure out he was saying "Sis" for "Sissy". He called Maggie that exclusively for nearly a year. Until last week. He called her Maggie once, twice, and then completely dropped the "Sis."

Maggie started calling Dalton "Dalt and Tin". Recently, this lead to Daddy being called "Daddy Tin" which is super cute.

Family Time: We're packing in lots of family time before we move. We started this weekend with a trip to the Provo Cemetery, then went up to the cabin via the Alpine Loop. Most everyone else came up Monday for BBQ-ing and work. Brook took us Jeeping. Dalton loved driving through the river so fast a bit of water splashed in through the roof.

Today I took the kids to the farm. Then in the afternoon, we met Erin and Ember at the aquarium. Immediately after that, we got Japanese food with Dave and Jamie, then met most of the other adults at the Draper temple to do sealings. I found a stack of family names in my bag, so we ended up doing those. Embarrassingly, when I picked them up at the office and they asked what name they were under, it was my maiden name! Those cards had been sitting around a long time, but we got them all done.

The Great Salt Lake: I like to pretend I'm not going to miss much about Utah. But one thing I will miss is outings with my cousin Jill. We have done all kinds of stuff together over the past few years, including a visit to Kennecott Copper Mine last week and an upcoming trip to the zoo. Today was our third trip to the Great Salt Lake. Dalton was throwing up all morning, so he stayed behind. I picked up Jill and Kristan and we drove out to Saltair.

This was our most successful lake adventure. Kristan and I floated in the water, Maggie played in the mud, Jill took pictures. The water level had risen considerably since our last visit to Saltair 3 years ago, so we did not have to walk a mile to get to the water line. Also, there were very few bugs and the water was very warm. Saltair itself is pretty trashy, but I highly recommend this beach. Also, it's free. Two years ago, we went to Antelope Island with a bunch of my cousins and my aunt Sharon. The water was much colder there, it's a longer drive, and it's $9 to get in. I remember Sharon held Dalton while we swam and he cried the whole time.

[Comments] (1) The Pregnancy Diaries: Here are some thoughts from my blog that I wrote prior to telling anyone about my fourth pregnancy. We've really delayed telling anyone. I thought we did that last time, but I was 14 weeks when we found out about the miscarriage. We're being even more careful this time. So, here are the highlights of my first 16 weeks.

4/4: You know you're pregnant when... I watched 10 minutes of Ratatouille with the kids and I cried 3 times. Ratatouille!

4/14: I was so thrilled to hold baby Emmett (Tasha's little boy) today. He's adorable. I'm glad other people's babies don't make me feel bad.

4/11 (nine weeks): Went to the doctor today. He was right: I am definitely more nervous this time. I was a big relief to see baby's little heart fluttering.

4/15: Tacos at 10pm. What can I say? I make really good tacos. I don't feel great, but I am definitely not as sick as with the last two. Does that mean it's a girl? John and I looked up girl names today. Top choices: Esther and Aurora.

4/19: Made it to Logan and back without throwing up. A feat, as Susan and I both remembered, not always accomplished.

4/20: When Sara dropped Maggie off after preschool she yelled out the window, "Are you moving?" This is why Maggie doesn't know about the baby yet.

4/25: I had another doctor's appointment today. Rachel went with me and baby waved to her! The nurse said the heartbeat was surprisingly easy to find for 11 weeks. I think between that and the ultrasound measuring right on my due date last time (which has never happened before!) the baby is trying to be extra normal (which Rachel says is an oxymoron) so I don't worry. Baby measured over 4 centimeters!

4/27: Today John told Jodi and his mom that I wasn't allowed to help flip the mattress. When Jodi later questioned him about it, I typed up a text response, you know, lying about being pregnant. He erased it. "You want me to lie," he said. Instead, he just stretched the truth.

5/3: A true friend doesn't ask if you're pregnant four months after you miscarry, even when you show up at her house at 10:30 am with Del Taco, fat, AND wearing what she knows is a maternity shirt. Apparently. Love you, Tasha!

5/8: I forgot to buy pudding at the store and I'm eating my last Snack Pack. Sad.

5/9: 13 weeks. We popped into the doctor's office today to hear the heartbeat one last time, now that I'm past the high-risk period, and before our trip. Strong and steady. yay!

5/17: 14 weeks - today I'm as far along as I was when we found out about the miscarriage last time. Even better, I've felt the baby moving.

5/28: Finally told John's family, and not a moment too soon. I am totally fat and at least Jamie had noticed. Now I can wear my maternity clothes.

5/31: 16 weeks. I love feeling the baby move all the time! So comforting. Maggie asked me out of nowhere if the baby was still the size of an apple. Well, this week, it's avocado-sized.


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