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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] You Can Laugh at Me: This afternoon we went back to our future new house to take some measurements and a few pictures. It always looks different the second time, but we are still very happy with it. It's a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath in a really great neighborhood, right, RIGHT next to the San Diego Creek Trail. We're going to really love living there.

Here's a hilarious anecdote from the day. After house checking out, we grabbed some dinner and went to the beach. We went back to our old haunt, Newport Beach, because we couldn't find anything to eat at Laguna Beach. Dalton played on the playground while Maggie and I went walking down by the water looking at shells.

A wave surprised us and got one of Maggie's feet wet and dirty. Naturally (stupidly) we decided to dip her foot in the water to rinse it off. Next thing you know, a big wave came and stole THREE of our flip flops! I ran up the beach, dumped our stuff and my remaining shoe on the dry sand, then hurried out in the water to try to catch them. Not only did I not catch them, I got wet. Luckily, when I turned around, Maggie was picking up her sandals from the sand where they'd already washed up, and then picked mine up. I called her a hero, which she loved. All flip flops saved! And we made a really fun memory.

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