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[Comments] (1) Lunch Break: John went to Cabin Work Day so I could stay home and pack. That was awesome of itself, then I found out he was taking the kids, too! Yes! I packed most everything but the kitchen so I only have like 10 hours left. Jamie brought her boys over to move some stuff, and I made them move a few heavy things for me, too.

I also got rid of some random home improvement stuff that's been lying around the house since before we moved in. I gave a lot of it to our friend Tyler, who fixed a few things around the house for us. Then today I posted some on KSL. Got rid of a box of carpet tack, three boxes of tile, some beadboard, miles of baseboards, moulding and trim, some padded vinyl, and a big mirror. Goodbye stuff! Jamie will now have twice as much storage in the furnace room than we had.


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